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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tamiflu Ho!

These past few days have been a wee bit crazy with this whole swine flu. I can't check the news without being bombarded by 7 out of 10 stories about the flu, most with the same information as the article before it, with one extra bit of info. They've identified patient zero, the first death in the U. S, a Mexican toddler occurred this morning etc...

All of this is happening in the South, and a little on the East coast, yet my pharmacy in the Midwest is ordering Tamiflu like gangbusters. I believe the closest case of this particular flu is a suspected case in Minnesota, so I think that ordering the maximum amounts from 3 different wholesalers is going a little overboard for us, but that's what we did yesterday. I'm sure Roche, the makers of Tamiflu, couldn't be happier.

I may end up eating my words later if this becomes a pandemic, but for now I think that my pharmacy is overreacting, and may end up watching the Tamiflu rot on the shelf, while it could be put to use somewhere. Like, oh, I don't know... Mexico?


  1. Actually two people got it in central Kansas after traveling to Mexico on vay-cay. Not sure where you're from, but it's probably closer to KS than MN.
    "Tamiflu rotting on the shelf"...sounds like the whole of the flu season we just had!

  2. Or maybe your state's health department will do what I hear my state's health department is doing: commandeer Tamiflu from retail pharmacies so they can have a stockpile for health care professionals and other essential personnel.