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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Do you know what pisses me off?

Shitty teachers.

We have all had them. We all know who they are and we knew it three years before we were going to have them because every single person we know in the classes above us complained about them.

I have had many shitty teachers in pharmacy school. I'm taking a course right now that focuses on drugs that treat blood clotting diseases and hyperlipidemia and chronic heart failure, among other things. Pretty interesting stuff, right?

I mean, just look at blood coagulation. There are 13 different factors in platelet aggregation (not counting PF3). They are almost all affected by at least one other factor. There are numerous receptors on each factor and the platelets themselves, which are bound by one of the other factors. And they all have to work for your wounds to heal properly.

It's amazing stuff, and we have drugs upon drugs that treat someone who has a problem with their platelets over-doing it. We have drugs specifically designed to target one little receptor in your body that screws up what your body wants to do so badly that you won't die from acute pulmonary thromboembolism.

It's crazy, and it's downright interesting, and yet, I cannot stay awake in class. Despite the absolute awesomeness of the material I cannot stay awake, and it's because my teacher is shitty. He is boring. He is unprepared for class. He is probably a genius and most likely makes a shit-load of money for my college with the amount of research he does, but when it comes to teaching, he doesn't know squat.

Yes, he is Asian and English is his second language but I don't think that's the problem. He's about 40 years old and he acts like teaching us is a waste of his time. He walks in, reads off his slides and answers almost every question with "uh, yeah... sure."

I can't stand it. I'm supposed to be learning from this guy and one kid in class once said that extra bile goes to the pancreas and the teacher just said "yeah," and moved on. For those of you who don't know, extra bile is stored in the gall bladder, not the pancreas.

I have had a few great teachers, just like all of you had, and I wish I could say that the majority of teachers in my pharmacy school are good teachers, but I can't. Most of my teachers suck. I usually end up learning, not studying, the night before a test.

I hate it.