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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Top 200: Part 2

I was going to write these down sooner, but I had some things I had to deal with. Well, no, I didn't, but that sounds better than saying I was lazy and didn't feel like it.

Plavix = clopidogrel "A vixen is a girl, and Vulpix is a horse thing Pokemon so it clops when it walks."

Seroquel = quetiapine "Sarah quelled rumors by being quiet."

Proscar = finasteride "The pro car finished on steroids"

Flomax = tamsulosin "Tamiflu flows to the max, and it's a sin."

Cardura = doxazosin "The durable car drove off the zoo's dock."

Tessalon = benzonatate "Ben and Tess zonked out after they ate them." I fucking hate counting this drug.

Actonel = risedronate "The drones rise when I act on them."

Evista = raloxifene "Relax and look at that beautiful vista."

Detrol LA = tolterodine "I'm totally in debt living in LA"

Aricept = donepezil "Don't nap in the air except with a Pez dispenser."

Namenda = mementine "NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association) = me + men."

Soma = carisoprodol "So, ma, can I have a car lease and a pro doll?"

My two favorite:
Viagra = sildenafil "Slide in and fill."

Cialis = tadalafil "TADA!"

That's about it. Even after all of this, I still screw up on the Top 200 tests. I somehow manage to switch around the vowels during the tests, and it annoys the bejesus out of me. If any of you out there have some tricks to remember the vowels of all these drugs, I'd gladly listen.