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Friday, April 10, 2009

An Introduction To A Co-worker

Apparently I have a strange sense of humor. Either that, or one of the techs I work with, Gingersnaps (quite obviously not her real name, just thought I'd point that out), has no sense of humor. One of the two.

Students are, of course, in charge of putting the drugs we get delivered every day on the shelves and in the robot. Today, we got in a large amount of hydrocodone/APAP 5/500, because it's always good to have extra on hand. I'm sure everyone that reads this blog knows at least a little about pharmacy, since I got my first comments after the Drugmonkey gave me a shoutout. Thanks for that, by the way. Anywho, you all know that the docs prescribe that shit like it's candy, magical pain-relieving candy.

After filling the robot as full as possible with the magic candy, I went to put the rest of it on the shelf we reserve for robot drugs. However, there was no room on the shelf for it, so I threw it on top, thinking anyone would look up there, considering that's where we keep all the shit that comes in bottles too big to fit in the shelf.

In the next hour or so, we went through a shit-ton of magic candy. Yes, "shit-ton" is an actual measurement; it's between "crap-load" and "fuck-load," but I digress. So Gingersnaps comes up to me as I'm doing a refill for someone who wanted That One Pharmacist, and asks where the Vicodin is, because she wants to put more into the robot.

"I ate it," I say, then I try my best to glaze my eyes over. I then turned to her, and said "All of it."

She just stared at me, so I laughed and said it's on the top of the shelf. She replies "Oh," and walks away. No smile, no "Oh, that was a joke!" just "Oh."

I bombed. Took a swing and missed, but now I can make fun of her for not having a sense of humor, unless that wasn't as funny as I thought it was... hmm...

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  1. LOL. I think "Me being me" may be my favorite category. I rarely actually laugh when reading, but that made me laugh. "I ate it." ahahahaha