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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pointless Labs

Ever sit in lab staring at some tissue trying to discern whether that one blob was a different color than the other? I just got done doing this, we will have a practical on it next week, and if I get a C, I will be happy (hey, C = PharmD). Why do we need to know this? For fuck's sake, we're going to be pharmacists, not doctors.

I understand the need to know how our bodies work. We need to know why certain drugs work, we need to know why taking X drug will affect Y drug. But, we do not need to know what the thyroid looks like, fuck, I don't even think we need to know where it's located. I feel we just need to know what it does. Am I wrong? Ever hear a couselling session go like this?

Pharmacist: Here's your levothyroxine. Oh, and your thyroid is located in your neck, just so you know. Also, it looks super cool under a microscope. It's pink and white. We call the white parts colloids. Are you paying attention? This is important information!

Patient: Huh? Wait, what?

Pharmacist: The white part of your thyroid is the colloid.

Patient: Oh, ok.

Pharmacist: Any other questions?

Patient: Why am I taking this?

Pharmacist: Not important, just remember 'colloid.'

Patient: Oh, ok.

No, you haven't. Because it doesn't fucking matter what a cross section of an endocrine gland looks like. Not to us at least. What matters to us is why you are taking the drug and if that drug will interact with another drug you're taking.

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