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Friday, April 3, 2009

Student Duties

Ah to be a student. All of the fun of being a pharmacist, none of the real duties. Got a question regarding a prescription? Let me get a pharmacist for you. Want to bitch about what we have in stock for OTCs? Let me get a pharmacist for you. Want to be a total pain-in-the-ass? Let me get a pharmacist for you. 7 words I have learned to love. Yet, I can still send/receive copies, I can take a new script over the phone, I can call insurance for overrides, I can refill scripts, I can count out CIIs, I can fill the robot, receive orders, and update inventory. I can do it all, but the minute things get hairy, I can say those 7 magic words and all my problems disappear. I can go to the back and laaaaaaaaugh, and when the pharmacist gets back I can ask him/her all about it. Soon I'll be able to counsel, well, I can counsel now, but I only do it with amoxicillin and DNCB in pet, and when I can counsel more drugs those 7 words won't be as magic, and that will be a sad day.

But we students also get the shaft when it comes to bitch work. We do all of the bitch work. All of it. We empty all garbages, including the bathroom, boss's office, and the cashier's. We're in charge of washing all the dishes, so if a tech or pharmacist or student makes a compound or solution, guess who's in the kitchenette getting the ointment off the spatulas? Yeah, it's the student. We sort through and file all scripts according to number, and when the shit hits the fan, those can get out of order real quick-like, and with 100-300 new scripts a day, that's not fun. We fill the robot with vials and caps and drugs. We stock the shelves with all different dram sizes and caps. We wipe down the chairs and counters at the end of the day. We vaccuum. Oh boy do we vaccuum. This my friends, is the worst part of my day, especially now that the snow is melting. This means that all that dirt plow trucks throw on the road so your SUV doesn't slide off the road every time the mercury goes below 32 is piling up, and you walk on it. When that happens, it gets caught in your shoes and then you walk into my store, where it all somehow gets deposited in the big fucking grooves in the rug that my boss unwittingly bought. These grooves are fucking huge, making it impossible for the vaccuum to create a vaccuum on the rug, making my job of vaccuuming 10 minutes longer. I wonder how many times I can say vaccuum in one sentence? Hmm....

Which means on days like today I don't get out of the pharmacy until a half hour after I'm supposed to, because everyone seems to need their prescriptions filled 5 minutes before we close.

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  1. um, that bit about people showing up at closing? That NEVER changes. Ever. Tell your spouse you work 8 to 9:30, not 8 to 9. And it doesn't matter what venue you are in. You can walk through a hospital about 20 minutes before you close the pharmacy for the night, and the nurses will tell you there are NO NEW ORDERS. They are lying, because 5 minutes before you close, they will call you to come and get the new orders! O MY GOD! I have to have these RIGHT NOW! And they were written 7 hours ago.

    I wish I were lying