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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Damn, I'm glad I'm not this kid...

Holy Jesus Christ! This kid is creepy. I type in "lab coat" into Google to possibly find a picture that I could use for my profile picture and this pops up on page 3. It looks like he could actually fly away on his dumbo ears, but I think his huge head might weigh him down. Perhaps I'm being too harsh, not everyone can look as good as me...

But that's not really the point. I took a look at where this picture came from and it's from the Advance Healthcare Shop. They're asking $17.99 for this "Toddler Lab Coat with Caduceus." What kind of parents would actually buy this for their kid? I mean shit, why don't you put some more pressure on your elementary school children?

Oh Bobby! Look what we got you! Now stop playing with your friends and put on this lab coat. Ah look at you! You're so cute! Let's get you inside where you can study for your MCATs, it's only 12 years away!

Is there anything Americans won't buy?

P.S. I still can't get over his ears... The hand in the pocket with the thumb hanging out is very stylish though.

1 comment:

  1. Gah! I hope parents are just buying these as Halloween costumes... but somehow I doubt it.