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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Well I Have This Slip...

I experienced a new level of ignorance today, I level I knew existed, but had never had the joy of experiencing.

I got a phone call from patient, who said his dentist had ordered him a prescription, and he was wondering if it was ready. I asked his name and birthday, pulled up his profile, and saw that the last script we had for him was filled in January. I asked him if the dentist was faxing it over today, and he replied "Oh, well I saw him like 2 weeks ago, and he ordered a prescription, but I kinda just forgot about it until now."

"Ok," I replied as I roll my eyes, "are you sure he sent us the prescription? Because I have no record of it."

"Well I know what it's for, can I just tell you and pick it up later today?"

"Uh... No, we need a prescription from the doctor to fill anything for you. Do you have any idea where the prescription is?"

"Well, I have this slip..."

"Is it the prescription?"


"Well if you just bring that on in with you, we can fill it while you wait."

"Well how long will that take?"

"It depends on how busy we are when we get the script."

"So like, 20 minutes?"

"I can't guarantee anything."

"Well can I just tell you what it's for so I can just pick it up?"

"No, we need to have the prescription before we can fill it."

"Well... Why?"

"Because it's the law."

"Well... I can talk to a pharmacist?"

"Yes, but they're both busy with patients right now (they weren't, I was just hoping this guy didn't have the time to wait), can you hold?"

"Yes." (Damn)

I put him on hold and say "Steve, call on line one. Have fun with this one."

I asked Steve how the call went after he hung up, and he just laughed. "Did he tell you what the script was for?" I asked.

"Yeah, vicodin."


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  1. PDS, I was born in the 1950s, so I still have a "God's in his heaven and all's right with the world" attitude, even though God is leaning over the wall of heaven and about to fall off, and nothing is right with the world. Lately, I sense that most of the people around me are operating under the influence of some factor. If not alcohol or drugs, it is the loud noise they have to play while driving their SUVs, or the loud noise they listen to privately (thank goodness) via their ear buds. Or, maybe it is just boredom. Anyhow, I'm quite sober, and most people I meet are a little drunk with something. Hence the mindset of the fellow with the Vicodin slip.