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Thursday, May 14, 2009

F.I.N.A.L.S. (Fuck I Never Actually Learned [this] Shit)

Have you ever taken a test you weren't prepared for? I just did yesterday. Before this test, I had only failed one test in my entire life. That test was an O. Chem test that required the student to memorize about 100 different reactions and their mechanisms. I just memorized the reactions, and bombed all the mechanisms, but seriously, why do I need to know where all the electrons are moving in a chemical reaction? It's completely useless information to me. In fact, I think knowing all those reactions is useless information too. Not that I'm bitter or anything...

This test was testing how well we know a semester's worth of information of reactions. Just reactions. Here's a compound, what do you do to make it this other compound? 200 points of this crap, with 10 points about protein for some odd reason. I think the professor mentioned something about protein structure in class or something. Good thing I remembered alpha chains and beta sheets from my general biology class my freshman year.

I wasn't prepared. I may or may not have studied. I may or may not have been distracted until 3 in the morning by a girl. I sat in the large auditorium and stared blankly at my test, with the knowledge that I was not going to pass it slowly dawning on me. So I did some bullshitting, but of course you can't bullshit reactions. It's either right or wrong. No exceptions, no partial credit for a partial answer. After an hour of wanting to curl up into a ball and regretting not studying the night before, I turned in my test and went to work, depressed. Just as we were closing up at work, I received 4 texts from 4 different friends saying the test was up. I immediately went to the computer and checked my score. 123 out of 210. That's a solid 58.5%. After maintaining an A all semester, this one test was going to knock me down to a low B. Pissed off at myself, I went back to my apartment to sing my sad song to my roommates. I checked my email as I was talking to them, and had one from my professor. The message stated that the final was curved and would be out of 165, not 210. I'm up to a 74.5% now. Woo hoo! I recalculated my grade and realized I got 425 out of 500 for the semester. That's exactly 85%. 85% is an A. Fuck yes, kept my 4.0 alive baby!

So here's to knowing the bare minimum! Cheers!

Oh, and I got a date with the girl tomorrow night. Things are starting to look good for the PDS this summer.


  1. What f'n pharmacy school makes 85% an A. Shit I'm probably an A+ student

  2. It wasn't a pharmacy school class. It was a graduate level chemistry class I took as an elective. The teacher made 85% an A so his letter-grade bell curve looked nice and pretty. I'm not complaining.

  3. Yeah I always failed those reaction tests in OChem too, but we usually got partial credit for each part of it we got right.