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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Perhaps I've Had One Too Much

Nah... Drinking Grey Goose on the rocks and reading pharmacy blogs is what a normal person does on a, what day is this? Wednesday? ok, Wednesday night (fuck it, Thursday morning).

I finally happened upon JP's Too Adult postings. Holy fuck was I born in the wrong generation or what? Free love, amazing music, slutty bitches that do your bidding, no matter what their relation with any other guy? Um, yes please, I'll take two.

There have been a few girls I've "fallen" for. By "fallen," I mean, I really really really wanted to be with, not because they were extremely attractive, but because I could talk to them for hours upon hours and just not run out of material. Yes, most (read: all) these girls were attractive, but that's really just an added bonus (or requirement, one of the two).

The problem with the PDS is that he can't find a girl to "fall" for that isn't involved with someone else. One has a boyfriend, one is engaged, one has a husband, one is waiting for a military grunt to come back. I believe it's a curse. I don't know if it's that everyone that I like is involved, or that I only like involved people. Fuck me right?

I've tried to talk to the floozy chicks at the bar and found them extremely boring. Most dress up in some scandalous outfit that attracts the primitive part of the male brain, and I'm not about to argue with that part of my brain at the moment, but once they actually open their mouth, I realize that they have no common sense and no sense of humor beyond shitty romantic comedies. This I cannot handle. I'd rather be single my entire life than have to deal with that bullshit. What I need to do is go back in time and hang out with JP and get in on the swinger action. That way I get to be involved with involved chicks, which is apparently what I want. What do you say JP? Wanna invent a time machine?


  1. Most of those girls probably have single friends?

  2. Nah you see I think I only like the involved chicks. That's my problem; I need to go back when swingin' was king and score some hot taken action. Mind you, I was drunk when I wrote the original post and I'm sure as shit drunk now, so maybe I'm over-exaggerating a tad bit... Meh, time will tell.