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Friday, May 8, 2009

Double Standard or a Tech Sticking it to The Man? You Decide.

Well it's official. Spring has sprung. It's getting warm finally, and finals are fast approaching. My finals don't seem too difficult this semester, which is always good. Of course, they could bite me on the ass, but let's just hope that doesn't happen.

Anywho, with the seasonal change it's getting a tad bit stuffy in the PharmD Student Pharmacy, and so far the owner has yet to turn the AC on. This can become uncomfortable when I have to wear nice pants and a collared shirt (which usually means I'm wearing an undershirt also) along with my coat. I don't necessarily have to wear the coat, most of the techs and even some of the pharmacists don't wear theirs, but to me it symbolizes that I am not just a cashier or some high school student. I have seen people completely ignore me when I don't wear the coat, but no one ever ignores me when I wear it. The coat stays.

What I would really like is to not have the swamp ass feeling during the hours I work in the pharmacy. No need to further elaborate, it's just an uncomfortable feeling. I asked Steve if I was alright to wear nice khaki shorts to work, and was given an immediate "No" from both him, the other pharmacist, and both the techs that were working. They all answered in unison; I was impressed. Next time I ask a question I'm hoping to get an A Capella answer, that would be cool.

It's really not that big of a deal. I can see how wearing shorts can seem unprofessional in a weird way. However, the next day I worked I noticed that a tech was wearing a skirt, and not just any skirt, a denim skirt. My first instinct is to give her shit for it. "What? I can't wear khaki shorts but you can wear a jean skirt? That's real logical." I did not say this, I would have said it jokingly of course, but she's my favorite tech. I believe the term is "Keystone Tech." My apologies to the creator of that phrase, but it seems widely used and accepted in the blogosphere.

I thought about making a case that I should be able to wear shorts, and I could make a damn good one on why shorts should be allowed. I could make the argument that it's a sexist double standard. We all need to be equals you know. Maybe I should be a lawyer instead... But what if she's not supposed to be wearing this skirt? What if this is her little way of sticking it to "The Man?" I think she deserves to have that, and I sure don't want to take that away from her. So I'm going to keep my mouth shut for now. If anyone else comes in wearing a skirt or shorts, then I'll make myself heard.


  1. See if you can get away with wearing a kilt. :)

  2. Ha.. that's funny. No, wait a minute, I'm the man!

  3. When I was a working as a pharmacy 'shop girl' during my degree (pharmacy, in Australia) my uniform was a double lined skirt, collared shirt and vest. I got in trouble for not wearing stockings under the double lined skirt in the middle of summer. Sometimes you can never win. And be grateful you get air conditioning at all, that pharmacy NEVER had air conditioning, the boss never installed it...