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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Thanks, Fuckers.

I'm sitting on campus right now with absolutely nothing to do but wait until 1:30 when my first class starts because the people in charge found it unnecessary to tell us that our lab doesn't start until the week of September 14th. About half of the class showed up and waited patiently for the lab doors to open at 11:30, but at 11:40 we saw no movement in the lab and decided to check with the office to see what's going on. The 10 minute rule is usually the main rule of thumb, but I've been screwed over before when the teacher showed up 20 minutes late and decided to throw a pop-quiz, so we went down to ask the powers that be.

"Oh, that lab doesn't start until September 14th," the secretary told us.

Now I know it's really hard to communicate now-a-days. It's not like we've got a series of tubes that Al Gore invented that can share information with a click of a rodent. Wait a minute...

So, instead of sleeping in until noon like I normally would've, I got up relatively early just to come sit and do nothing.

Thanks, fuckers.

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  1. I start next week. Five hours of kinetics YES! WOOHOOOOOOO.