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Friday, August 14, 2009

A Letter To Watson

Dear Watson,

Not to be a stickler, but why oh why do you manufacture BuPROPion 150mg SR with two different NDCs? Because of this, my robot will not let me add your drug into it until it runs out of that same drug with a different NDC. So as I wait for 3 or 4 more prescriptions of BuPROPion 150mg SR to come in, I stand and look at the other bottles of BuPROPion 150mg SR sitting on my shelf. They turn green with envy as I tell them I cannot dispense them until I have run out of the other NDC. It is obvious they do not like this.

Watson, why must you put this strain upon me and my drugs? I fear a civil war will break out amongst the BuPROPion 150mg SR species. I fear for the safety of my drugs as well as my coworkers. There could be much powder spilled. It does not need to be this way. You can stop this.

Please, please, for the sake of your children, make only one NDC. Many lives will be saved.




  1. I called TEVA today to ask them about ibuprofen 600mg and 800mg (Long story. It was a drug info assignment about comparative efficacy, and medline had nothing to offer). Oh. my. god. I officially hate TEVA. The woman was so rude, I wanted to throw something at her. In general, I'm pro-generic, but they need to get their shit together.

  2. Couple of comments, first in regards to the Bupropion SR 150.. I believe there are 2 NDC's because one is supposed to be the generic of Wellbutrin SR 150 and the other for Zyban 150, which of course is the same shit with a different name for a specific diagnosis (smoking cessation). Second, to New Marvel with the above comment. Dude, what do you expect from Teva of all companies?? They are the shadiest outfit ever. Always releasing generics on the market before they're supposed to because they found a loophole in the system. They figured out that if they can dump as much as possible out to the wholesalers in one day before a judge issues an injunction ordering to stop further sales, they still make a shitload of money in that one day of sales.. enough to cover legal battle costs, and then some.. and then some more!! Assholes!!

  3. Teva fucking sucks, I seriously talked to three people in three different countries trying to get a question answered by them.

    I just dispise the whole bupropion thing in general.

    Is it regular bupropion? Or is it SR? Or maybe XL? Are you using it for depression? Or smoking cessation? What's bupropion XL 75mg? Etc Etc Etc