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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Customer Service

I love it when people from other aspects of my life recognize me in the pharmacy, especially when the people have been assholes to me and realize I now know potentially embarrassing information about them.

Recently my Mac crashed. It would turn on and show me a picture of a file with an exclamation mark next to it. I took it into The Computer Store (yes, it's an actual store), where they said they would look at it. As it turns out, my hard drive went to hell, or something. I asked the guy who worked on it why it crashed, was it something I did, or what? He had information that I wanted. His response, as he made a slight shrug, was "Apple got a bad batch."

"What do you mean?" I asked, "What happened? How did it fail?" I wanted to know what the fuck happened to my computer.

"It just failed," he told me.

I kept phrasing my question in different ways to see if I could get some sort of explanation out of him, and I got none. Now I'm pissed. I was already unhappy that my computer decided to commit suicide, but this guy didn't even explain what had happened. I just wanted to know exactly what had happened. I don't know the first thing about computers, but I wanted this guy to explain to me why I was paying $250 to him to give me my computer back with a new, blank hard drive. The most I got out of him was "It just failed."

The next day I see him come in to my pharmacy with a prescription for an antibiotic, and a big cut on his nose. I assumed some angry customer punched him in the face, because I know I wanted to do the same thing. I was running the cash register at the time and when we finished filling the prescription it was obvious that he did not know why he was taking the medication or even how to take it. I had information that he wanted. I saw the opportunity to repay the asshole who didn't give me the time of day the previous day, and I let it pass. Instead, I explained to him why he was taking the antibiotic, what it did, and how to take it. He stared at me, obviously grateful that I was giving him information about his medication and not unfolding the stapler and whacking a few staples in his face, which is what I wanted to do.

I showed him what it was like to give people the information they want. I gave him good customer service. I would like to think that he started treating his customers better, but since I'll never go back to that store again, except to possibly staple his face, I won't ever find out.

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  1. Staple his face!!

    Ever heard that joke about the duck in the grocery store? It was in a chewing gum commercial a few years ago..

    Duck walks into a store.. asks the clerk, "Hey, got any gwapes?" Clerk replies, "No." The duck leaves, comes back, and asks, "Hey, got any gwapes?" The clerk replies, "No, I don't." The duck leaves, comes back again, and asks, "Hey, got any gwapes?" The clerk yells, "NO, I DON'T GOT ANY GWAPES, AND IF YOU ASK ONE MORE TIME, I'M GONNA STAPLE YOUR FEET TO THE FLOOR!" The duck leaves, comes back a fourth time, and asks, "Hey, got any staples?" "No." "Got any gwapes?"