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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sometimes I Hate The Pharmacist

Yeah, I said it. I get sick and tired of pharmacist that decides to check to make sure everything is done according to "the law" while she forces me to count benzonatate.

I'm sick of watching them check the prescription while I push little marbles around, trying count by five and hold on to my sanity at the same time. That isn't easy, and one of these days I'm going to snap. I don't care what you think your "job" entails, making me count out every single prescription for benzonatate is cruel, and one day you'll pay.

I can just imagine it, forcing a bottle's worth of pearls into the pharmacist's mouth and making her bite down on them. Oh, that would be sweet, sweet justice.


  1. if you pierce one of those tessalon pearls in your mouth to get a local/topical effect, you can start choking. same kind of thing can happen if you eat a whole box of cepacol, evidently...

    in fact, one day a bunch of my friends and i decided to test some local pharmacists by calling a store to see what advice they'd give for an overconsumption of benzocaine (i think the answer we were looking for was methemoglobinemia)... the pharmacist said to check if the numbness was affecting his ability to breathe.

  2. What you get with benzocaine OD is methemoglobinemia, but what you treat it with is methylene blue.

  3. i guess "advice" was the wrong word. i meant the approach they were going to take regarding the "overdose"... we totally weren't expecting a choking warning when we called, we thought he was going to ask if our friend was turning blue