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Monday, September 21, 2009

Top 200

My first Top 200 test is coming up, and I've got a few ways to learn some of the weirder brand to generic names. Some are so crazy, like Micheal Scott crazy, that there's no way not to remember them once you make the connection. Here are some of them:

Lopid = gemfibrozil "I put some gem fibers on my low moped."

Altace = ramipril "You've got to ram that alt button when you're typing."

Diovan = valsartan "Val died in a van."

Depakote = divalproex sodium "Pro divers can dive deep with coats on."

Nasonex = mometasone "I want to meet Antonio Bendares' mom." Yeah, that one's a stretch.

Accupril = quinapril "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, was accurate."

Lotensin = benazepril "Benzene groups have a low solubility in water, and water has a high surface tension." Yeah.

Novolog = aspart insulin "The Spartans went out like a Supernova in 300."

Xanax = alprazolam "Alprazolam kind of sounds like palindrome (no, it doesn't), which is what the word Xanax is."

Nasacort AQ = triamcinolone "I tried to court sin alone."

Dilantin = phenytoin "It would be funny to die lying in tin."

I have more, but I think you get the picture.


  1. Ha ha, reminds me of my days studying the Top 200.

    Benicar = olmesartan. [to the tune of "O My Darlin' Clementine"] "Olmesartan, olmesartan, olmesaaarrrrtan Benicar!"

    Micardis = telmisartan. [to the tune of "Tell Me Something Good"] "Telmisartan good! Tell me it's Micardis!"

    PS - do not ask me to sing this, as I am a terrible singer.