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Sunday, February 21, 2010

I'm worried

If there's one thing that scares me the most, it's having a kid.

Don't get me wrong, I want to have kids someday, but just not anytime soon. I want to be able to go out to the bars or go to a movie whenever I want to. Once I graduate, I want to become some sort of pharmacist (not retail) and have more money than one person from a frugal background like mine could possibly know what to do with. I want to take vacations and see parts of the world I've always wanted to see (Ireland, London, Seal Island off South Africa).

I'm still young; I have plenty of time to raise kids.

Right now my girlfriend and I are having a bit of a pregnancy scare. She was supposed to have her period 2 weeks ago, but she started birth control 3 weeks ago. As a pharmacy student, I know that it can only take a couple days for birth control to be effective, but it can also take up to a month. Consequently, I have used condoms each and every time we've had sex.

It would seem that we did everything right, but last week she started having some pretty bad cramps, and she's been nauseous for the past couple days. I know all of you are thinking that these two symptoms don't mean jack, considering both are very common side effects of birth control. I agree, but they are also two very common side effects of being pregnant.

What makes it even worse is that I know the timing of periods can get a little funky once a woman starts on the pill. This means we might possibly have to worry about this for the week for even longer.

Everyone I have talked to told me not to worry about it. I've told myself not to worry about it. With birth control being around 95% effective (due to noncompliance) and condoms being something like 95% effective, the odds are absolutely astronomical that she's pregnant. My best pharmacy friend, who's a P3, told me she's had this same exact scare more than a few times with her husband. I shouldn't be worried.

But put yourself in my shoes. I've got 3.5 years left of school. Expensive school. I work 20-40 hours a week (depending on the weekend schedule). I don't have the time or money to raise a kid.

I shouldn't be worried, but my girlfriend is having bad cramps and puking.

I'm worried.

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